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Made By Hippies Tie Dye Kit
Made By Hippies Tie Dye Kit.
Learn to tie dye just like the hippies!

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Made By Hippies Dot Com has Tie Dye Kits for sale and proudly operates How To Tie Dye Dot Net so everyone can Learn How To Tie Dye

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How To Tie Dye

Today, your tie dye teacher is Erik.

How To Tie Dye: Overview

There are four steps to the tie dye process.
Washing Out

How To Tie Dye: Tieing Instructions

1) Put 100% cotton t-shirt in the washing machine and wash regularly.
2) Lay wet t-shirt flat on a table.
How to tie dye: Lay wet t-shirt flat on a table.

3) Grasp the middle of the t-shirt and twist into a spiral.
How to tie dye: Grasp the middle of the t-shirt and twist into a spiral.
How to tie dye: Grasp the middle of the t-shirt and twist into a spiral.

How to tie dye: Grasp the middle of the t-shirt and twist into a spiral.

4) Tie with three pices of artifical sinew or rubber bands.

How To Tie Dye: Dipping Instructions

5) Dip t-shirt into a bucket of water that has half a cup of soda ash solution mixed in for every gallon of water.
6) Set shirt on a shelf to dry for a few days before it is dyed.

How To Tie Dye: Dying Instructions

7) Mix up some differant colors of Procion Dye with water into squirt bottles.

7A) Take cap off squirt bottle and insert funel.

7B) Add one tablespoon of dye for every 16 oz of water.

7C) Fill bottle with water about half way.

7D) Shake and swirl bottle to mix dye powder into the water.

7E) Finish filling bottle and put cap on.

7F) Shake vigorously to mix dye, when there are no dry dye particles floating dye is ready to be used.

8) Set dry dipped tied t-shirt onto a rack inside a plastic container.

9) Hold t-shirt on it's side and apply Black to the entire bottom of the t-shirt.

10) Apply red to a pie shape wedge that covers one third of the t-shirt.

11) Apply yellow next in the same way.

12) Apply green to the remaining third of the t-shirt.

13) Leave t-shirt to sit for twelve to eighteen hours.

How To Tie Dye: Washing Out Instructions

14) Fill washing machine with super hot water and add one half a cup of synthrapol or similar super strength laundry detergent. (Anywhere from one to about fifteen t-shirts can be washed in one load at a time.)

15) Cut the rubber bands off of the t-shirt.

16) Place t-shirt in the washing machine making sure to fully submerge the entire shirt under the water.

17) Once the washing machine has finished, add another half cup of synthrapol and run the washing machine for a second time.

18) Place the tie dye t-shirt in the dryer and dry.

19) Take the tie dye t-shirt out of the dryer and put it on.

20) Take a picture of yourself and e-mail it to us! Enjoy your tie dye t-shirt!

We built a whole website just to teach the masses how to tie dye.
Please check out www.HowToTieDye.net to Learn How To Tie Dye!

Made By Hippies Tie Dye Kit
Made By Hippies Tie Dye Kit.
Learn to tie dye just like the hippies!

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Made By Hippies is a retailer & wholesaler of handmade tie dye clothing, chainmaille, glass & hemp jewelry, glass and polymer clay functional art & handmade soaps and beauty products.

All Made By Hippies products are handmade by Amanda & Erik in their Sandy, Oregon home using renewable energy.

Made By Hippies Tie Dyes are 100% cotton, colorfast and preshrunk. For a looser fit order one size larger.

Tie dyes are safe to wash and dry with your regular laundry.

We wash all our tie dyes three times with hot water and super strength detergent during the Tie Dye process so you can wash them with your other clothes and they won't bleed dye - Guaranteed!!

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