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Hippies Dig Deep, Drawn By Rod Wizzle.

Happy Tie Dye Customers

"I LOVE your tie-dye's! You two are tie dye artists!"
Marilou O., March 2015

"Hi Erik, Just letting you know the package arrived today without issue. The colors on the tee and bandana are bright and beautiful and just what I was expecting."
"Thank you!!!"
Laura B., March 2015

"The t-shirt (rastaman spiral) is perfect!! Thank you very much!! I'll recommend you!"
Laura P., March 2015

"The apron is Beautiful! Thank you."
Noël P, March 2015

"Hello Erik, The socks are fantastic! We actually just put them live on the site yesterday and have had lots of interest. Thank you for the blues sample pair. The stickers were a really nice touch too! I look forward to doing more business with you in the very near future."
Ian at The Shopkeeper, March 2015

Matthew P.

"Thanks for the much needed shirt. 'Running on fumes,' struggling with life and I lacked a Tie Dye shirt to ground me. Thanks to my Pa and you, I am enjoying the love & energy of the colors."
"Thanks, Go Well,"
Matthew P., March 2015

"Hi Erik, Thank you very much the shirts arrived today as a Valentine Day present, I am very happy with both of them you did an excellent job, beautiful colours and an excellent design. Perfect!"
"Thank you!"
Peter S., February 2015

"Hi Erik, Thank you so much! My friend in Alaska used you for some t-shirts and they turned out awesome!"
"Keep on Keeping ON!"
Stephenie S., February 2015

"Greetings and Happy New Year! I wanted to follow up with you regarding the awesome shorts. They were perfect and my father-in-law loved them! Thank you thank you for the awesome job, they were a big hit and he'll be rockin them this summer."
"Have a wonderful new year ahead!"
Liz B., January 2015

Mikael and Maaret from Finland.

"Hi Erik and Amanda, We had a great wedding and I wore your T-Shirt. Here is a picture of me and my bride Maaret."
Mikael H., December 2014

Dan G. and grandson.

"My grandson loves your tee shirts, Thanks again."
Dan G., November 2014

"Hi Erik and Amanda, The package arrived! I'm so happy, the shirt is absolutely cool! The colors are so nice and deep, I love it, thanks. It's like you've read my mind, the shirt color matches my corduroy suit I'm going to wear at my wedding, You'll see when I send you some pictures. I was surprised to find underpants and two bandannas in the package too. And the color matches the shirt, that is so great! I will definitely wear the pants with the shirt. Now I don't need to worry if it gets hot when we dance until morning. I can always get rid of the hot corduroy pants and I'll still look cool with my matching tie dye underpants and t-shirt."
"Thanks a million!"
Mikael H., November 2014

"Just letting you know I received my items today! Thanks for everything they are fantastic! Thanks also for the socks and stickers! Being as I was made from hippies myself I'm proudly displaying the sticker of your company on truck! Haha :) Thanks again!"
"Love and Light,"
Reverend Mike, November 2014

"Hello Amanda, I bought the T-shirts for my son & my nephew. I found the first one I received really beautiful. I wouldn't know where to get such T-shirts here in France. Also, I like hippies, I feel very confortable with your way of life & your creativity. Thank U very much to give me the chance to offer an original handmade present to my darlings... Who'll wear them because they're cool guys. Cool If U ever need a bilingual helper, I could be of use (if U ever come to la Belle France...) Keep doing what U do, makes me feel good. Innocent."
"Bye for now."
Chantal S., November 2014

"I've wanted to try and get one of those Hippy-shirts for a while now but haven't been able to find here (Pakistan) ever and was just looking up how to make those shirts I doubt I'd be able to find the dyes and stuff over here either but still the guide and shirts looked awesome, and I don't know if that's you in the pictures but the beard and hair looks badass too."
"Thanks for reading anyway."
Take care.
Hassam H., November 2014

"Aloha Bro, Got my shirt and bandana & MAGIC socks today. Really appreciate the gesture. Love the garments as well."
"May Lono ward off any evil spirits…"
"May your tiki hut always be dry…"
"May your tiki torches always stay lit."
"Puff, Puff, Pass,"
Rongo Rongo, October 2014

"Amanda, All i have to say is that you guys totally rock. I really appreciate your customer service and will be looking out for the 3x size next week. Once again you guys rock and i have been sharing the stickers you have sent so hopefully that will make you even more busy."
"Peace and Love,"
Ryan D., September 2014

"Just wanted to tell you I love the two t shirts I bought and wear them a lot when I am working (am an artist). Thanks. I never learned to tie dye well and I love your spirals. Thanks! Will hopefully order again, when I get more sales going myself. Good luck and sell a lot!"
Tess E., September 2014

"I ordered a couple of tie dye shirts from you guys and they are beautiful!"
"Thank you,"
Michele L., September 2014

"Hi Erik, Cheers mate, I really like your website and have a feeling I will be visiting a bit more in the future."
"Take care,"
Lucas R., September 2014

"Your step by step instructions were so helpful. So much better than books that show one picture and try to explain the rest. I was making jewelry the same day and already made five bracelets!"
"Thanks so much!"
Jennifer C., August 2014

"Hi Erik, I am here to say thank you. Just got the Tshirt. Thank you . I really loved the shirt, but it seems I have to visit your site again, as my wife is crazy to wear it, very soon I will be ordering a few more things. Once again, thank you!"
"Peace Brother,"
Davis B., August 2014

Katie's Aunt.
"Your t-shirt made it into the Oregonian!"
Katie M., July 2014

"Erik, Thank you so much. Love y'all's stuff!"
John S., July 2014

"Thanks, Erik! It looks like a great product - I love the website! Can't wait to get it."
Kim B., July 2014

"I absolutely LOVE your Hippy website! My parents were hippies and still have their VW hippie bus. I was wondering if I could add your Hippie link to my Hippie page? I have tons of hippies and peace lovers that visit my site and I think they would love to see yours too."
"Thank you so much!"
Amanda J., July 2014

"Thank you SOOOOOO much for the free shipping. I don't know how you can afford to do that, but I'm totally grateful, as are all of your customers. Okay, more later, thank you so much for your help and advice. You and Amanda must be the two busiest people in Oregon!"
Diane D., July 2014

"Blue Spiral Tie Dyes are in the house! Thank you. They look great! And thanks for the stickers."
Suey H., June 2014

"Do you guys have a retail shop in Sandy? Love your colors."
Julie C., June 2014

"Received! Thanks for the quick turnaround. Looks great! Thanks for the bonus stuff too. We may be back for more."
Sam F., June 2014

"Mahalos from Honolulu! Thanks Erik! Just received my Tie Dye Beach Towel and love it. Good quality and colors also got here fast."
"Aloha and all the bestest,"
Jeff R., April 2014

"Thanks, Erik! Can’t wait to see your work. I love the website---looks like you have built a beautiful life. Peace to you and Amanda always."
Gordon H., April 2014

"Hi I'm Jasmine and I found your site and think it is totally amazing I shared it with my friends and they all love it too. My dream in life is to grow up and buy a VW bus and sell tie-dye and dream catchers out out the back of it and travel the country and just to live off the land. Seeing this site made me so happy to see people living the dream. I'm sorry if I took up your time I just want to say that you inspire me to strive for my dream with your site."
Blessed be,
Jasmine W., April 2014

"I just got my shirt! I love it and thank you!"
Tabitha C., March 2014

"Just got the package, I love the shirt man. I definitely appreciate it. I'll certainly buy more in the future."
Daniel P., March 2014

"Erik, The sweatshirt arrived. It is fantastic! Nice job, thanks!"
Lisa D., February 2014

Kplola Tse's Tie Dye.

Kplola Tse's Tie Dye.

Kplola Tse's Tie Dye.

"How are you doing? I'm Kplola from Ghana, West Africa. I am also learning Tie Dye at my school, The New Vision Art College, so I am enjoying viewing your works and learining how to do Tie and Dye t-shirts. Here are some I have made."
Kobla T., January 2014

"Thank you so much for the prompt shipping! I've been lusting after that necklace for weeks!! Have a great day! Peace and love."
Ryan J., January 2014

"Hello, I have stumbled across your page and you guys do great work. I just got into the tie dye gig and here is the start to my etsy store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/dyelightfuldyes."
Kim M., January 2014

"T-shirts have arrived and I'm VERY happy with them, you made my day, again!"
Willeke B., January 2014

"Hi there, I love tie dye, I'd like to open up an online store too, that way I could continue dying. Tell me, it's possible to make a living from doing this stuff?"
"P.S. Your model sure knows how to fill out a tee shirt!"
Avraham H., December 2013

"Thank you for the instructions on the hemp jewlery. After making them using my guitar for years with my body twisted, the clipboard is a stroak of genius. I exclusively use stones in them for healing purposes, so it kinda seems rediculious to damage myself to make them eh? I can now make them in much higher of a volume so I can make some of them for sale instead of making them only for the special ones in my life or those in need."
"Thank you again!"
Ian P., November 2013

"Hi there, My tie dye dress is SO BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much – it is the nicest dress I have ever seen! The colours are just amazing! I wanted it for my works leaving do next week – I shall certainly not be missed in my fab frock! My daughter is equally pleased with her smiley t-shirt, and wanted me to say a big thank you."
"You guys really are fabulous – thank you so much!"
Sue S., November 2013

"Hi Erik & Amanda!"
"Just got my shirts right in time to go see Hawkwind tonite!!! They're beautiful! Can't thank you enough!"
"Have a good weekend. Peace!"
Ryan J., October 2013

"Love your merchandise, I have 6 shirts and will soon be ordering dresses! You guys rock!"
Janette, October 2013

The Tie Dye Biker. The Tie Dye Biker.

The Tie Dye Biker, October 2013

"LOVE it! Actually received it yesterday. Thank you for the quick shipping!!"
Irene G., October 2013

"Hi Erik, We received the tie dye order and the extra gift. Thank you very much!! HE LOVES THEM!!"
Lisa B., September 2013

The Hippie Tribe.

The Hippie Tribe.

The Hippie Tribe.

The Hippie Tribe.

The Hippie Tribe.

"Got a few pics from our trip in June. The sign I made up because we all made tiedyes with the dyes you sent, then went camping, it was a lotta fun man all the neices and nephew were diggin it!"
Rod Wizzle, September 2013

"Thank you very much! I hope to have the opportunity to meet in person. Greetings to the distance from HONDURAS!!"
Jose Antonio, September 2013

U of O Tie Dye.

"Here is a photo of a Made By Hippies Tie Dye at the University of Oregon Football Game."
Clint, September 2013

"Dude Got the tie dyes yesterday and I'm stoked. Thanks and I will be back. I own a custom skateboard company called OFCS (Old Fart Custom Skateboard)."
Jerry, September 2013

"Erik, My sincere THANK YOU! My son will love the shirts. He even made his own tie dyed shirt with a friend. He's 25-years old and I smile because I love tie dye and while I was in high school I had tie dye peasant tops!"
"Thank you for the extra gift! I truly appreciate it!"
"My best to you!!"
Lisa, September 2013

"Hi Amanda, Shirt duly received this morning. Extra cool - proud to spread peace."
"Thanks an million and until the next order stay safe!"
Daniele, September 2013

"Hello, I was just browsing your website and I really like the way you simply explain how to do the hemp knots and the binder clips and clip board are really good idea's I hadn't thought of, even writing the inches down the side as I saw in one of those pictures. I think it would be a really cool thing if you made the same sort of thing showing how to make more advanced hemp knots and bracelets."
"Thanks for listening!"
Melissa, September 2013

"Thanks Erik, I have bought your Tees before as presents for friends, and again some of my order is for that again. But - don't laugh - the XL tie dyes are for me to wear as nighties in hospital, because they are so deliciously cheery and speak of a freedom I will miss for a little while. And some of the soap is just a special treat for me."
"Thanking you."
Dena, September 2013

"Awesome website, love it! I looked online for the longest time and couldn't figure out how to make hemp bracelets correctly. You made it simple and easy to learn."
"Thank you!"
Katie, September 2013

"So thankful that I use to be a stoner cause it brought me to ur site. Ur directions for making a hemp bracelet were very descriptive. Thank u so much! Thanks for listening to my praise."
Chrys, August 2013

"Thanks, can’t wait—you guys make the BEST shirts!!"
Lisa, August 2013

Rod Wizzle Tie Dying.

Rod Wizzle Tie Dying.

"Making some shirts with the Tie Dye Kit."
Rod Wizzle, August 2013

Rod Wizzle's Bike.

"Custom covered banana seat with MadeByHippies.com tie-dye."
Rod Wizzle, August 2013

"Amanda and Erik. Awesome. These shirts are soooo coool. I love them. And Youse."
"Thanks again,"
Roger, August 2013

Jorge's Tie Dye.

"Here is one of many masterpieces with thread. I'm creating patterns and other good techniques. Thank you for the response and I hope one day I can meet you guys at American Apperal in California."
Jorge A., August 2013

"Got the shirts and swag yesterday - THANK YOU!"
"WAY AWESOME SHIRTS - These ones will get worn out!"
A.J., August 2013

Ariel's Tie Dye.

"I found your tie dye instructions to be terribly easy, but the instructions were truly appreciated! Here is a picture! Thank you so much!"
Ariel, July 2013

Ryan D. and his tie dyes.

"My Girlfriend recently bought me two shirts at a store in Raleigh named Curious Goods and on the inside was a website and low and behold it belonged to you guys. I want to thank you for making these great shirts. After all, I only have two colors of shirts, tie dye and not tie dye!"
"I have attached a picture of the ones she got for me. I will remember to order from your website from now on. You guys have some great stuff."
Ryan, July 2013

Rod Wizzle, Hippie.

"Don't be so serious, enjoy the ride, Burn One!"
Rod Wizzle, July 2013

Sandy Mountain Festival - July 13-14th, 2013.
Tie Dyed Youth at the Sandy Mountain Festival, July 2013

Made By Hippies Sticker - July 2013.
This Made By Hippies Sticker is Chilling, July 2013

Springdale School Tie Dye Day - June 2013.
Springdale School Tie Dye Day - June 2013

"Your tutorials are the best!"
Rebekah, June 2013

"Hi Erik, I purchased a tie dye kit about a month ago. I really enjoyed how thorough it was and my kids and myself made really nice shirts. I am interested in making more tie dye items in the future."
"Hope this email finds you well. Kind regards,"
Ali, June 2013

Rod Wizzle, Hippie.

"When you wear @MadeByHippies people are so nice. It's a fact you should try it... strangers will smile!"
Rod Wizzle, May 2013

"I love your work."
Marco, May 2013

"Just wanted to let you know that I really like the shirts and they fit well too, only slightly too big."
Doug, May 2013

"Dear Erik and Amanda, You guys are great! I received my tie dye sheets today and they turned out so good, you both did a great job on them, thank you so much! I also like the match books, I will keep them and display them on my patio. I will also hand out your cards! Thank you again!"
"Peace to you,"
Pam, May 2013

"Erik, Thank you, love the tie dyes."
Jeff, May 2013

"Hey Erik - the tie dyes are AWESOME! Right sized, beautiful AND Made by Hippies! All perfect!"
"Thanks so much and thanks for the extras!"
George, May 2013

David and Abby.

"Erik, My wife Abby, my son Horus, and I received our shirts in the mail today. I just wanted to say a big thank you. Thanks for the bonus scarf and socks as well. :-)"
"I forwarded these photos of Abby and me in our new shirts. Feel free to use any photos for promos and we would be happy to provide a positive testimonial for your website should you ever need one."
David, May 2013

"I have just spent the past hour checking out all your products on the website, only to want to buy everything I saw! Really awesome products and very impressive!! I also really like how personalized yall's website is. You will be getting an order from me soon."
"Keep yall's hippy spirits strong & keep up the good work!"
Amber, May 2013

"Hey man Thank you for shipping my order so quickly! Your website is amazing! I love that you show fellow hippies how to tie dye:)) I make a lot of hemp:) you guys are an inspiration to people like me living in a state where we don't belong (MS)! My soul mate and I are making plans to move to Portland within the next few months it is a necessary move to be around like minded souls for eternal happiness:) you rock man!"
"Peace, love, and the enjoyment of cannabis!"
Lotus, May 2013

"Hey, the shirts arrived the other day and they are awesome! Just wanted to tell you that you guys rock! Good quality, good price, fast service and my money is going to hippies, can't beat that. Thanks a lot and I will be recommending you to anyone and everyone who will listen!"
Michael, May 2013

Danielle's Tie Dyes.

"Hi Erik, I ordered a tie dye kit from you a while back and really enjoyed making our family some wonderful tie dyed creations!!"
"Thank you very much."
Danielle, May 2013

"Wow, just visited your site, truly amazing goodies you have for sale. Thank you for posting all of the pictures of your t-shirts, I dabble in tie dye myself and am super impressed by what you have produced."

"Keep up the great work! From one South African Hippy to another, Peace!"
Bev, April 2013

"Hey Erik, thanks for your help and your excellent tie-dyes. I really like the designs and colors. Right now I'm wearing that tie-dye I ordered from you last, it's beautiful and very comfortable. I also specially like that peace sign one a lot and i'm really looking forward to getting another one."
"Warm Wishes."
Doug, April 2013

Burn One Project Live in NYC at The House of Vans.

Burn One Project Live in NYC at The House of Vans.

Rod Wizzle and Stoned Sully of Burn One Project rocking the stage at The House of Vans in NYC, April 2013

The Yoopers.

"Hey, we're from Upper Michigan and we just wanted to send you a few pictures of our tie dye shirts that we made from tutorials on your website, which is very cool by the way."
"Thank you!"
The Yoopers, March 2013

Andrew C. in his Cosmic Spiral Tie Dye Tank Top.

"I love your shirt I got and I wanna be on the website! haha! This is a great photo with my new shirt."
"Thanks guys!"
Rupert, April 2013

"Hey Erik, Just wanted to say I got my peace sign tie dye t-shirt in the mail today and it's totally rad along with all of your other stuff! I plan on ordering from you guys again in the future, since having too much tie dye doesn't exist."
Cynthia, February 2013

"Thanks. The shirt arrived yesterday and it looks great. I really like it. I have too many shirts now but am sure I will be ordering again in the future for my two sons for the summer."
Jim, February 2013

Sandra in her Tie Dye Smiley Face T-Shirt.

"Erik, I have the shirt and it rocks!"
Sandra, January 2013

Lorette's Dad. Lorette's Dad.

"Hey Hey, We ordered two tie dye tee shirts a month ago and here are the pictures of my dad wearing them."
"Hope you are doing ok, take care!"
Lorette and her parents, November 2012

"Hi Erik, I just put through an order via paypal and just wanted to say that it is kick a$$ that you guys don't charge shipping, how refreshing! Will definitely shop again!"
Will, November 2012

Rod Wizzle.

"Thanks again we appreciate all you've done for us, I'm the mouth of the Midwest for you, constantly telling people where to go for all the tye-dye needs!"
Rod Wizzle of Burn One Project, October 2012

"Wow that was really fast and the bandanna is great. Thanks for it, you've got a new repeat customer for sure!"
Cliff, September 2012

"Hi, I got the towels over the weekend. They are great!!"
"Thanks!" Diane, September 2012

"I just received the shirts today. They are awesome, thank you. Can guarantee I will be ordering more in the near future!!"
Jen, September 2012

Kitty from London.

"Hello, Just received my new tie dye t-shirt - I think it looks pretty awesome!"
"Thank you!"
Kitty, August 2012

Carly's Tie Dyes.

"These are all the tie dye I've done so far this summer, two different times! The two in the middle I did following your tie dye video too!"
Carly, July 2013

Alex's Tie Dye Alien.

"Hey Erik i used your website howtotiedye.net and the peace sign tutorial to help me fold one of my other shapes be cause in all honesty I had no idea so I thought I would let you know it helped alot and here are some pictures of what I did."
"Thank you for the help."
Alex, July 2012


"Got the tie dyes yesterday. They Look great! Thanks again for the jerseys. Lots of great comments! Thanks too for the speedy shipping. I appreciate it! Attached is a team picture of The Dreamcoats."
"Have a great week,"
Jeff, July 2012

"Hi Guys, Jes wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your site and your work! I apologize for not purchasing - I'm an old first generation proto hippie and have been creating tie dye, wood, metal and other craft/art in the South Carolina swamps since the mid/late 60's. Love what you do . . . wishing you all the best!"

"H ighly I ntelligent P eople P ursuing I nfinite E nlightenment"
Wade, July 2012

"Yeah I bought one from you guys a few months ago and it literally never comes off lol... tons of compliments on it as well. I always send people your way!! ^_^"
Karen, July 2012

Kevin's Son in Tie Dye.

"Hi Erik, Thank you for the lovely email. Coincidences are weird but when they are good you realise how wonderful life is. I have to confess my son (aged 10) tried on my rainbow peace t-shirt this eve and he loved it so much he asked if I could get him one. We looked at the kids tees but he wanted the same as mine so how could I refuse hence the order for an Adult small. No matter if it is a bit baggy I am so proud of him."
"And here is a pic of my son wearing my T. Like I said - how could I refuse?"
"Thank you my friend, You truly make the world a better place dude."
"Peace and Love,"
Kevin, April, 2012

"Man I really dig the shirt! What a deal I got. Thanks a heap, I hope to order some soap soon."
B.J., April 2012

"I Got my order yesterday and the tie dyes are fabulous! It was worth the wait, thanks so much!"
Samantha, March 2012

"Erik, Really cool web site, well done and easy to follow. Thanks!"
Don, March 2012

English Tie Dye Galaxy.

"Hi Erik, I just received the excellent piece of fabric you prepared for me. You are right - several hats or items could be made from this one piece. There are so many exciting areas to choose from. I was right to ask you. Many hearty thanks to you both (and thanks for the t-shirt - a pleasant bonus)!! My very best wishes to you and Amanda."
"Take it easy, Lovely People."
Jake, February 2012

"Hi Erik, I'm so glad I found your website and am really looking forward to receiving the tie dye t-shirt. Thank you so much!"
"Peace and Love my friend."
Kevin, January 2012

"Hi Erik we received the t-shirt. It looks great thank you."
"Kind regards," Leeanne, January 2012

"What an amazingly beautiful site you have, with amazingly beautiful tie-dyes you've made!!! I am so buying some beautiful T's from you right now."
Heather, December 2011

"Erik, I recently purchased a tye dye kit and I am very happy. I appreciate the quick shipping. Thanks for reaching out to the hippies on the east coast!"
"Enjoy yourself brother,"
Peter, November 2011

"Got the shirt!!!! Love it, Love it!!!! Hope you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving!"
"Thanks, again!!!!!"
Darwa, November 2011

James and Clive.

"Here is a picture with my son, Clive, in a busy Taiwan street scene."
Jim, October 2011

Arashi Shibori Silk Scarf.

"Hi Amanda, I bought this scarf for my wife back in April and I just wanted to tell you how much she loves it! She always gets compliments on it when we go out and she's wearing it. I thought I'd drop you a personal note and let you know how much we appreciate your work. Thanks!"
Scott, October 2011

"Hola Erik! Gracias por la tabla de colores y las instrucciones!"
"Saludos y espero podamos estrechar manos!!!!!"
Jose Antonio, September 2011

"Erik and Amanda, we bought some Tie Dyes at the Sandy Mountain Festival this year and just love them. Will you be at any other events this year? We would love to see more of them . Wow what a Great Website!"
"Hope to see you soon,"
John, Roxanne and Chris, August 2011

"I just wanted to say thanks for the macrame instructions on your website! I am going to make my best friend a special necklace for her birthday. I used to make beautiful things a lifetime ago, and couldn't quite remember how to do it. Thanks so much for the refesher course!"
"Have a good one!"
Janina, August 2011

"Thank you a lot your how to tie dye information was very useful."
Daniel, August 2011

"Hi Amanda & Erik! I just made some amazing tie dyes (2 spirals n a peace sign) with the help of your tie dye kit, your dyes are THE BEST!"
Jeanne, August 2011

"Hi, I love your tie dyes!"
Anna, August 2011

"Hi Amanda, You are too kind. I love dealing with you because of your great products, great prices, and quick service. Not to mention free shipping. I really appreciate your customer service!!!"

"Amanda & Erik, Just received my t-shirt today and LOVE it! You guys rock because not only is the quality reallllly good (colors are great and vibrant) but the shipment arrived in only a few days coast to coast! AND I was pleasantly surprised with the little goodies in my package. My teenage peace loving daughter loves the shirt and took my matches for her bon fire tonight. I will be back for more orders 4 sure!"
"Thanks Again,"
Kat, August 2011

"Hi, How are you? I have visited your website several times and I really like it. I have a small shop here in Alabama and I make and sell my own crafts as well, just not online."
Jessica, July 2011

"Hey there, I saw your site and just felt so lovely after reading about you guys I had to tell you about it. Keep up the great work. That was basically it."
"Have a nice one! Lots of smiles!"
Alison, July 2011

"Thanx so much for your promptness of sending me my order. Love the dress & have been asked where I got it several times already! I'm giving u some free advertising I hope. Thank you for the sticker too, it is on display on my laptop for all to see! What a great company, I will be ordering from you again!"
Stephanie, July 2011

"Thanks dude. Appreciate your excellent service!"
"Like The Hippy Dippy Weatherman (George Carlin) said (or wait... was it Cheech & Chong?)... Peace, Love, Dove!"
Michael, July 2011

"I was searching the net for a replacement tye dye dress and found your site from Sandy, Oregon. I love that you are fairly local to us and that your clothes are all cotton and that the dyes are safe as well as made by hippies. Hope I enjoy the dress as much in person as online. I searched a lot of companies before I chose yours!"
Steph, July 2011

"Hello there! I stumbled upon your website by accident and I just want to say I think its great how you're spreading the word of peace & love. I'm only 15 going on 16, but I spread the word as much as I can for being as young as I am. My hemp jewelry and tie dye I make, has given me an image i wear proudly!"
"From a small town in Western Washington,"
Jaci, June 2011

"Thank you so much! The tank top came today, and my boyfriend has been sportin it around all day. It looks great, we will be back."
"Take it easy,"
Sara, June 2011

"Dear Erik, Thank you so much for your speedy service! I was so happy to find you on Etsy. I always try to buy ethical, handmade products, and yours are exceptional! I'll send you photos of our boys wearing your artwork. My daughter is marrying her best friend of 8 years, out on their farm in Pennsylvania--a TOTAL Hippie wedding. It's going to be awesome."
"Also, thank you for the bandannas! How very kind of you!"
"Peace to you and yours," Jennifer, June 2011

"Thanks Erik, Got em. Love em."
"Have a great weekend!" Kevin, June 2011

"Erik, Enjoyed your tutorial, "How to Tie Dye." The three shirts I did came out nice."
Frank, May 2011

"Great dye and a great price - Thanks!"
Greg, May 2011

"I got the tie dye flags and they are very cool! Even better than I had hoped and will be perfect! The big flag is just right to display on my boat which everyone will be on during check in to the party! Thanks for the matches too. And especially for sending before the deadline!"
"Thanks for doing a great job!"
Dave, May 2011

NRFCC 2010.

"A photo of our softball team wearing the shirts to show how awesome they turned out. We had them screen printed with our logo and numbers on the back. They were complimented often, so thanks so much."
Tiffany, March 2011

Bryce and Emily wear thier Made By Hippies Tie Dyes while visiting Machu Pichu, Peru, in Jan. 2011.

Bryce and Emily wear thier Made By Hippies Tie Dyes while visiting Machu Pichu, Peru in January 2011.

Vermonsters Bowling Team.

"Erik - Thanks for shipping the Green Alien shirts outs so quickly. Also thanks for the extra shirt and the goodies! They are very cool. We had so many positive comments on the shirts. We bowled our first games with the new shirts and won 3 out of 4!"
"Thanks again!"
Jill for the Vermonsters, October 2010

Thundering Herd 2010.

"We ordered a bunch of tie dye t-shirts for our ultimate Frisbee team in London, England. Everyone loved them!"
"Many Thanks!"
Pete and Joanna, August 2010

Lake Havasu get ready for the heat party 2010.

"Everyone loved your tie dyes at our Lake Havasu get ready for the heat party."
Jerry, July 2010

Tie Dye Family Photo.

"I Thought you might like to see our family pix we had taken with our tie dye t-shirts. We love them."
"Putts Up!"
Nancy, March 2010

Karen and her tractor.

"Karen and her 1944 John Deere "H" at our annual tractor show on the mall in Norfolk Nebraska. She is proudly wearing her Made By Hippies tie dye tee shirt. Thank you for your extra effort to get the shirts to us."
Gene & Karen, February 2010

Reid from L.A.

"I just wanted to let you know that your tie dyed sweat shirt is a big hit here in Southern California. Almost every person I see comments on it, they say 'wow what a great sweat shirt' or 'I love those colors' or 'you look great in that sweat shirt!' I knew I liked it, but I have to say I've been amazed at how many people comment on it! Thought you'd like to know and of course I tell them who made it and refer them to your website!"
"All the best!"
Reid, January 2010

The Musik Wagon.

"This picture was taken recently at our car club’s Toys for Tots benefit. Thought you might like it for your website."
Cari, November 2009

The Musik Wagon.

The Musik Wagon.

"Just thought I’d share a couple of pictures of the tie dye on my Passat wagon (nicknamed the musik wagon). I showed her at H2O, the largest VW show on the East Coast, this past weekend. There are pictures all over the internet of your work. Thanks again!"
Cari, September 2009

"Hi, I got the tees yesterday! AWESOME! I am way diggin' them -- super job! Thanks so much for a great transaction. I'll keep an eye on your site! Thanks again! Peace!"
Denise, June 2009

"Wow, you got that order out quickly! I'm psyched to see them, especially the onesie for my little nephew. Generally, I believe the universe brings us all together, but specifically I found you by doing a google search for tie dye. I looked at a few websites before yours, but none of them had the right vibe. Then LAAAAH! Yours was all shiny. Glad to know about you guys, and I'll spread the word when the nephew and I get compliments on our duds."
Jacoby, June 2009

"Thanks very much! I love American Apparel and have found their organic baby clothes absolutely the softest and best--I was excited to see such great, colorful takes on them."
Christina, June 2009

Vitaly from Russia.

"Oh my God! I've got it! And It's awsome! Thank you so much!!! Also thanks for whickies! I am really grateful to you!"
Vitaly from Russia, June 2009

"It's beautiful. Thank you so much."
David, June 2009

"I recently bought a disc golf towel and was really happy with it, thanks! I can feel my game getting better already!"
Brad, June 2009

"Got the Onesie today, It's just awesome! Nice tie die job, the colors are very rich, it's a quality piece of baby gear. Thanks for getting out right away - now I'm on the job of finding some really cool way to wrap it for these guys. They are going to love it. And when the baby grows out of it, it should fit their doggy just about perfect."
"Thanks again!"
Nate, June 2009

"Thanks so much for the superfast shipping and the extra shirt! I love them!!! In fact I already am wearing one!"
Pam, June 2009

"I just opened your promptly sent package and was greeted by that trio of gorgeous tie dyes. Wish you could see my smile. You do lovely bandannas; wearing them will be a treat. Thanks!"
Maida, June 2009

"I love this shirt. You guys are awesome!!"
Michelle, June 2009

"Keep that spirit, Erik! it's the one that the world needs."

Martín, June 2009

Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity Tie Dye T-Shirt.

"Thanks for the Pi Kapp shirt Swede!"
Nick, May 2009


"Thought I would send you this picture of my niece, Kapri, wearing the onesie I ordered from you. She is looking cute at one month old."
"Peace!" Thomas, April 2009

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All Made By Hippies products are handmade by Amanda & Erik in their Sandy, Oregon home using renewable energy.

Made By Hippies Tie Dyes are 100% cotton, colorfast and preshrunk. For a looser fit order one size larger.

Tie dyes are safe to wash and dry with your regular laundry.

We wash all our tie dyes three times with hot water and super strength detergent during the Tie Dye process so you can wash them with your other clothes and they won't bleed dye -

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