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Made By Hippies
Erik & Amanda
P.O. Box #988
Sandy, Oregon 97055

Online Since 2006
V. 10.I.2015
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Made By Hippies Dot Com has Tie Dye Kits for sale and proudly operates How To Tie Dye Dot Net so everyone can Learn How To Tie Dye

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Right now all our chainmaille is being sold online at http://www.RedEftDesigns.Etsy.com

Patchwork Chainmaille Bracelet

Dreamcatcher Chainmaille Necklace
Chainmaille Dreamcatcher on a 2" diameter silver plated ring. This one in Red, Green and Yellow colors, but other colors are available, see here. On a silver-plated bail on a 18" stainless steel 5-strand choker neckwire.

Japanese Flat Bracelet
12-2 Japanese weave Chainmaille Bracelet, on an offset pattern. Gold base with green, blue & purple accent rings. Gold colored lobster clasp. Fits 8" wrist but can be made larger. Really nice feel, flat bracelet.

Chainmaille Hackey Sack
Chainmaille Hackey Sack
Chainmaille Hackeysack made of Aluminum rings. weight: 60g. Great for juggling or pplaying hackeysack. Kids love them, too! Won't rust and the dirt just washes off!

Chainmaille Earrings:

Flat Chainmaille Earrings
Aluminum Chainmaille Earrings in Flat 4-1 European weave. About 1.5" long with surgical steel french earwires. Comes in a variety of colors

Bali Earrings
Long Dangling Earrings made from hollow silver-colored Bali Beads and Red Aventurine (orange color) carved leaf beads. On surgical steel french ear wires. About 2.5" long.

Byzantine Cross Earrings
Crosses in Byzantine Chainmaille weave, made of silver-colored aluminum jumprings. About 1.5" long on surgical steel ear hooks.

Shaggy Chainmaille Earrings
Long Earrings in Shaggy Chainmaille weave. I made these from anodized aluminum jumprings in pastel colors on surgical steel ear wires. About 2" long.

Bronze Starfish Earrings
Long earrings, 2.5" and a bit heavier than most of my other earrings. Made of cast bronze starfish, bronze oval chain and jumprings, and bronze alligator-textured discs. Fish and discs have a black patina. On surgical steel earwires.

Celtic Star Earrings
Celtic Star Chainmaille Pattern in Dark Blue, Light Blue and Silver. Anodized Aluminum on Surgical Steel Ear Wires. About an inch in diameter. There are also available in other colors...

Chainmaille Dreamcatcher Earrings
Aluminum jump rings around a silver-plated ring form the chainmaille dreamcatcher. About an inch in diameter. On surgical steel earwires.

Large Biohazard Earrings
Silver aluminum jump rings in biohazard pattern. Rings are each 5/16" inside diameter. Also comes in smaller sizes, see Small biohazard earrings. On surgical steel earwires.

Made By Hippies is a retailer & wholesaler of handmade tie dye clothing, chainmaille, glass & hemp jewelry, glass and polymer clay functional art & handmade soaps and beauty products.

All Made By Hippies products are handmade by Amanda & Erik in their Sandy, Oregon home using renewable energy.

Made By Hippies Tie Dyes are 100% cotton, colorfast and preshrunk. For a looser fit order one size larger.

Tie dyes are safe to wash and dry with your regular laundry.

We wash all our tie dyes three times with hot water and super strength detergent during the Tie Dye process so you can wash them with your other clothes and they won't bleed dye - Guaranteed!!

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