Gresham Farmers Market Gets Tie Dyed

Hey Now Folks,

Made By Hippies is back at the Gresham Farmers Market for our fifth year in a row!

We have the best booth ever this year with a wide variety of awesome tie dyes. Everything from baby onesies to 4xl tie dye t-shirts with lots in between!

The Gresham Farmers Market is located in Downtown Gresham, Oregon and is open from 8:30am to 2pm every Saturday through the summer.

Come and check it out! Just look for our tie dye flags!



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Yeah Mon! So a while back I built a quick one page website called Reggae Music Links as a sub domain on my website

I was just doing it for fun at the time, since I enjoy reggae music and was looking around at various musicians websites.

Then I check out the site recently and low and behold it’s getting all kinds of traffic! Actually it’s #1 on google for a search on “reggae music links”

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Made By Hippies Tie Dye Newsletter May, 2009

Made By Hippies Tie Dye Newsletter

May 19th, 2009

Making Tie Dyes Everyday in Every Way!

G’Day From Made By Hippies Dot Com!

Made By Hippies
Erik & Amanda
PO BOX #16162
Portland, Oregon 97292, U.S.A.

Thanks for joining the Made By Hippies Tie Dye Newsletter. Our plan is to send out about one e-mail a month with some news about our tie dyes and where we will be vending as well as a special tie dye deal!

This has been a busy spring for Erik and Amanda working away in the tie dye studio. We had a great and unique opportunity in April when American Apparel Clothing Company in LA hired us to teach them how to tie dye! A video can be found on Youtube by searching for “made by hippies” the video can also be found on our website,

In April 2009 American Apparel hired us to teach them how to tie dye!

One Of A Kind Tie Dyes Now For Sale!
Made By Hippies is now offering one of a kind tie dyes in various sizes for sale for only $15 each including shipping. Each shirt is individually listed at etsy, which is like ebay for handmade goods. Our page can be found at

Please check it out! We also have a few items on sale too!
Special Tie Dye Deal of the Month!!!
MAy/June Tie Dye Special of the month is our Rainbow Egg Tie Dye T-Shirt.

Purchase using the paypal link in this email and get one on sale for just $15, including shipping! Now you can’t beat a deal like that because it’s Made By Hippies!

Rainbow Egg Tie Dye T-Shirt
*Offer only good during May and June 2009 and only for the Rainbow Egg t-shirt.

Made By Hippies 2009 Vending Dates
NW World Reggae Festival – Friday – Saturday – Sunday August 7th-8th-9th, 2009
Gresham Farmers Market & Gresham Art Walk Saturday July 18th 2009
Sandy Mountain Festival – July 11th-12th, 2009
Gresham Farmers Market – June 27th, 2009
Gresham Farmers Market – June 20th, 2009
Gresham Farmers Market – June 13th, 2009
Gresham Farmers Market – June 6th, 2009
Gresham Farmers Market – May 30th, 2009
Gresham Farmers Market – May 23rd, 2009

Relevant Links
Gresham Farmers Market
North West World Reggae Festival

Things to Note
All Made By Hippies products are handmade by Amanda & Erik in their Portland, Oregon home using renewable energy.

Made By Hippies Tie Dyes are 100% cotton, colorfast and preshrunk. For a looser fit order one size larger.

Tie dyes are safe to wash and dry with your regular laundry.

We wash all our tie dyes three times with hot water and super strength detergent during the Tie Dye process so you can wash them with your other clothes and they won’t bleed dye – Guaranteed!!

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One of a Kind Tie Dyes Now For Sale!

Made By Hippies now has many one of a kind tie dye t-shirts all posted to our etsy marketplace which can be found at We will of course continue to have all of our in stock designs in sizes small to 4xl. The good thing about posting our tie dyes to etsy is now the customer can pick from many different styles and colors by size.

Be sure to check it out!

Tie Dyed in LA

Man we have been busy this year and especially this April. We had two back to back road trips plus our internet sales on our website have really started to take off. So life is pretty sweet now. We start selling at the Sandy Mountain Market this Saturday and then at the Gresham Farmers Market the week after that.

Check out this video that American Apparel made of us working with them… I think they are still editing it but here is the rough draft anyways….


Made By Hippies Dot Com is the #1 site on Yahoo for a “Tie Dye For Sale” Search!!!

Man, the traffic for Made By Hippies Dot Com has been increasing steadily ever since August 2008 but this latest push has been very impressive. The last couple of weeks traffic has surged to well over 100 visitors a day. About half the traffic is from website links and the other half is from search engines. I have been receiving more and more orders too, so that is great!

Today I noticed some extra traffic being generated from the Yahoo search engine. It caught my eye because so far I have been getting most of my search engine traffic from google. So I checked it out and the results are awesome!!!

This is definitely my biggest search engine accomplishment to date. For the search term “Tie Dye For Sale” on yahoo my site ranks #1!!!

Shaman Tie Dye T-Shirts for Sale

The Tie Dye Sale Begins…..

Up for sale is this sweet example of Made By Hippies screenprinting.

We found this ancient design that was painted on a cave wall in China thousands of years ago by the ancient shamans of antiquity and applied it to a tie dyed t-shirt.

This is a one of a kind item. We sell them on our website for $25 and now we have some for sale on our etsy website for just $15!

Preshrunk and colorfast.

Buy it now and get in style!


Check out the link to our etsy page on the sidebar of this blog.

Or go to