Made By Hippies Dot Com Updated!

Hey Now! I’ve spent the last week updating all the pages on our website, http://www.madebyhippies.comso go visit and check it out. We updated a bunch of the photos, fixed up some old pages and tuned up the buttons and links on each page to get a clean quick loading website to our visitors. So check it out and let me know what you think by leaving a comment below, I would love to hear from you. I write all the code for myself using simple html code and notepad as my editor, then I ftp the files to my webserver and whalaa, a website! Check out the vending photos page to see photos of us selling our tie dyes in 2010. Also check out the updated about us page to see photos of our new home in Hippyland, Oregon and some of our neighbors.

So just for ole times sake I’m gonna check out the website rankings real fast…
On a basic google search for each search term here is how ranks:

tie dye, #9 on the first page
tie dye clothing, #3
how to tie dye #7, is #6 (our other website, check it out!)
tie dye t-shirts, #10 & #11 both on the first page

so that is all pretty sweet… gonna be a great tie dye year this 2011, it already is!



Welcome to Made By Hippies Newsletter

Welcome to the first Made By Hippies Newsletter here on our new google
groups mailing list.

We have been updating with many new
photos and tie dyes and adding lots of new one of a kind tie dyes to
our etsy shop which can be found at
be sure to enter the special coupon code “madeforhippies” to get 10%
off your next purchase at our etsy shop.

More to come in the coming weeks.  May Peace be with You!

Hippyland, Oregon

How do I wash a tie dye t-shirt?

How do I wash a tie dye t-shirt? This is a question we get a lot and a question that I have heard a lot of different answers for. Made By Hippies tie dyes are all colorfast. That means the Procion dye we use has permanently bonded with the cotton strands and become a new color. Any excess dye is washed out using super hot water. Later the tie dye can be washed just the same as any other laundry using regular laundry soap. No special care is required.

The reason some tie dyers say to wash separately using only cold water is usually because they used Rit dye for their tie dyes. That dye does not bond with the cotton fabric, more just painting over the top and some gets washed away every time it goes through the wash. Using cold water keeps the dye from rinsing out but eventually most of the dye will wash out and the tie dye shirt will be faded and sad.
That’s why our tie dyes are good, because they stay nice and bright wash after wash. Don’t worry man, cause these tie dyes are made by hippies!

“Hippy Advice #1″

This I say Verily unto you young hippies… Never ever get a job working for the Man. In the end it will just be a waste of your life with nothing to show for it. Even if ya can’t think of someway to be in business for yourself, which is the way to be, then find someone cool to work for and do whatcha gotsta do ta survive. Oh yeah, and never cut ya hair either! Let’s seize the time, let’s make the system pay for it’s crime. We surround them! There is no reason to slave ya life away in debt, that is no way to be a FREE MAN, an AMERICAN!

Tie Dyed Google Rankings

So it’s been a while since I checked in on the websites google rankings…

On a google search for just “tie dye” my website comes up #5 on the first page, not too shabby!!!
But for the search “tie dye t-shirts” does not show up until page 5 and is #58… But search for “tie dye t-shirts for sale” and Made By Hippies is #2!!!
Search for “How to Tie Dye” and our How To Tie Dye website is ranked #3! A search for “tie dye dresses” nets us the #6 spot and for “tie dye tank tops” the number 3 ranking!!!
For “baby tie dye” Made By Hippies is at the top of the second page at the #11 spot. The “wholesale tie dye” search finds Made By Hippies at the bottom of the first page at the #8 spot.
Our newest product, the Made By Hippies Tie Dye Kit is just starting to climb the google rankings. Right now a search for “tie dye kit” places Made By Hippies at #52, the second search item on the 5th page. But keep an eye for this search term to make it to the fist page of google in a month or two.
To top it all off is my favorite search right now, “how to tie dye a peace sign” finds How to Tie Dye dot net at the #1 spot!!!
So yeah, the hippies know how to type html. We don’t pay for advertising or links or nothing like that. It’s all just honest hard work typing away all day. PEACE!

Made By Hippies Tie Dye Kits For Sale

Made By Hippies Tie Dye Kit allows anyone to tie dye just like the hippies. Easy to follow instructions provide the tips and tricks of making colorful and colorfast hippie tie dyes. It’s all about using high quality Procion dyes combined with tying up great patterns like the tie dye spiral, v-stripe or peace sign patterns. All that’s needed is 6 100% cotton t-shirts, a place to tie dye and a washing machine. The Made By Hippies Tie Dye Kit provides everything else that’s needed. American Apparel learned how to tie dye from Made By Hippies and now you can too!

The Made By Hippies Tie Dye Kit Includes:

How to Tie Dye Instructions
1 TBSP Golden Yellow Procion Dye
1 TBSP Lemon Yellow Procion Dye
1 TBSP Turquoise Blue Procion Dye
1 TBSP Electric Blue Procion Dye
1 TBSP Scarlet Red Procion Dye
1 TBSP Fuchsia Red Procion Dye
½ cup bag of Washing Soda
2oz Bottle of Wash Out Detergent
2 Pairs of Plastic Gloves
About 20 Rubber Bands
3 4oz Dye Bottles
½ Teaspoon Measuring Spoon
Washable Marker

Other Supplies You Will Need before Tie Dying:

6 White 100% Cotton T-Shirts
Tie Dye Workspace
Washing Machine

Buy a Made By Hippies Tie Dye Kit for $25 (Shipping Included)

Call 503-757-8558 to order using a credit card or pay order online at the Made By Hippies website: