“This Aggression Will Not Stand, Man!”

So I just thought to update my twitter profile tag this morning a bit… Then I was thinking about the transition from one to the other…..

My recent profile tagline that I have had for a long while now was:

 I&I am a Oregon Man who hand makes tie dyes w/ the wife for: Made By Hippies Tie Dyes! Peaceful Patriot ☮ Take a Stand & Fight the Man #TFB

Then this morning I changed it to:

I&I am Oregon Man. Handmakes Tie Dyes w/ Wife for: Made By Hippies Tie Dyes! Peaceful Patriot ☮ Waging Heavy Peace: Cell Door Clicks Open, I come Alive. #TFB

So basically I updated the last part a bit… Kind of my Revolutionary Ethos if you will.

What I am saying is that I Am a Peaceful Patriot.  I did Take a Stand.  I did Fight The Man (With my Voice and Willpower only, Not Physically).  One dark nite in March I was in the North Country.  After a nite of festivities we were on the way home and were fallen upon.  I battled with my brothers against the drunken attackers.  I was blooded in combat.  The fight was broken up quickly.  Then after all was over, the Man (Peace Officers) arrived and decided after 3 seconds to attack me with a Taser Gun…  Then when I was on the ground with some Pepper Spray to my face and my brothers it only gets worse from there.  The whole story will come out in time…  You can trust me though when I say “This Aggression Will Not Stand, Man!”

Amerika is Not Free my Brothers…
But the People do hold the Power.
We Outnumber Them…

Alas, For now I leave you with lyrics from The NightWatchman‘s “It Begins Tonight!”

“I’m red, I’m black, I’m city born
Mau Mau scarecrow, far from home
I’m faceless, nameless, right or wrong
I’m fearless, hopeless, sing my song
Out go the lights
It begins tonight

On stage with borrowed angel’s sword
And a crossword puzzle of stolen chords
I’m alive but those I love are gone
Let’s move tonight and take the throne
Out go the lights
It begins tonight

Oh lord, it begins tonight
Oh lord, oh lord, it begins tonight
Oh lord, oh lord, it begins tonight
Cell door clicks open
I come alive
Oh lord, it begins tonight

I followed the rules
What did that bring?
Looked just where you told me
I never found a thing
Yeah, I see all the jewels
Gold and diamonds glistenin’
I see your mouth movin’
But man I ain’t listenin’

Sun and moon and stone and mud
A bottle of whiskey and a pint of blood
I’ll burn my way to the sea
‘Til all are dead or all are free
Out go the lights
It begins tonight

Oh lord, it begins tonight
Oh lord, oh lord, it begins tonight
Oh lord, oh lord, it begins tonight
Cell door clicks open
I come alive
Oh lord, it begins tonight.”

Leave Me Alone!

Check out this great song I heard today for the first time, one of the best lyrics is “Shootin my dogs n fuckin tazin’ my friends. Too Many Cowards, Not Enough Men! Why Don’t You Leave Me Alone!”

Hippie Movie Reviews: Born On The Fourth Of July (1989)

This is an interesting movie that gives a glimpse of the Vietnam War.  But maybe not from the traditional viewpoint of action and battles, more it gives a glimpse into what life is like for a young man both before he joins the war effort and then of course what happens to him after he gets wounded in battle and sent home to live out the rest of his days.  This movie tells the story of Ron Kovic who wrote an autobiography of the same name about his experiences in Vietnam.  This movie is pretty hardcore in showing some of the unpleasant realities of the Veteran Hospital and the ways that American’s treated their returning soldiers.  The central theme of the movie is the transformation that takes place within Mr. Kovic himself as he realizes more about the personal impact that war has on a human.  In the end Mr. Kovic becomes an outspoken anti-war activist himself.  I only wish they would have depicted the final speech of Mr. Kovic’s which was being lead up to at the end of the movie.

Born on the Fourth Of July gets a thumbs up from Erik and a sideways thumb from Amanda.

Hippie Movie Reviews: The Big Lebowski (1998)

We wanted to start off our new feature of “Hippie Movie Reviews” with one of the best movies ever, The Big Lebowski.

This is the best movie ever because it has great dialogue, interesting characters and lots of crazy action and happenings.
With too many great quotes to list a couple of my current favorites are:
“You know Dude, I myself dabbled with Pacifism at one point.  Not in Nam, of course!”
“Hey, Man, Why Don’t you Fucking listen occasionally? You might learn something”
The Big Lebowski gets a double thumbs up from Erik and Amanda.

More Info: http://www.allmovie.com/movie/the-big-lebowski-v158880
Dudeism: http://dudeism.com/

Happy Spring Hippies

HiYa Hippies,

Just wanted to drop a line and say Happy Spring Time.  We have had a craZy year so far full of strikes and gutters as the dude would say.  But we are looking to ride out the rest of the year in style and take er easy, you know.
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Made By Hippies

2013 Spiral Tie Dye T-Shirt Sale

Happy 2013 Hippies!

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