Happy Spring Hippies

HiYa Hippies,

Just wanted to drop a line and say Happy Spring Time.  We have had a craZy year so far full of strikes and gutters as the dude would say.  But we are looking to ride out the rest of the year in style and take er easy, you know.
So yeah we have been posting some fresh tie dyes up on our etsy site, http://www.madebyhippies.etsy.com and then next weekend we will be having our annual tie dye sale on the 4/20 weekend.  So if you use coupon code FOURTWENTY on 4/20 then you will get 42% off anything in our shop.  So keep that in mind for next weekend and of course anytime you can save 10% off a tie dye using coupon code MADEFORHIPPIES.
So yeah check out http://www.madebyhippies.com too for all our best tie dyes.
Too if you like cool music check out my friends over at Burn One Project, http://www.BurnOneProject.com
Made By Hippies